The holidays

We made it. We made it through Christmas. And it was good, it was relaxed, it was fun — watching several well-adjusted beautiful children run around sugared-up out of their respective gourds and opening up the ludicrous amount of unnecessary stuff they enjoy so much you got them truly helps.

But still, it was the first Christmas without my mother. My heart goes out to my father, 6000 miles away, and I hope he had a good Christmas as well. I hope my sister is well. It seems somewhat less than fair sometimes. Between me and my wife, we have lost so much over the past few years. No, fuck that. Some went after a full, long life; others had so much left.

The world lost.

Good people.

I raise my glass in a toast to all that went. May I live up to your expectations. May I be half the person you all were. May I face adversity with your courage, your strength, and your perseverance. Five amazing people, two continents, several centuries of life, the same war from several different angles… emigrants, lovers, resistance fighters, jerks, dorks, teachers, fighters, mothers, fathers.


Good people.

We miss you all.


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