Facebook DOES have novelty!

Like I said, I joined Facebook to see what all of Scoble‘s hubbub is about. I even had my little hissy-fit over what, really is new about it. Well, I figured out one thing if nothing else: it satisfies voyeuristic tendencies to a new level.

What I mean by that is that besides showing this (and might I point out, right here right now, that Robert Scoble is, if nothing else, a man of his word and worth listening to if only because of that — I am so pleasantly surprised that I am dying to engage in a true conversation about the issues I have given him grief over):


Besides showing what you do, it also shows what your friends are up to (cut to show something I deem fairly innocuous — Robert, if this offends, I apologize and I shall take it down:


Anyway, to continue my original point: this is voyeurism, pure and simple. If you need convincing, here we go: Robert talking about how to spot the Real Bill Gates.


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